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"King of Vinegar"

Kakuida Premium Black Vinegar

Naturally Fermented Brown Rice Vinegar with a 200-Year Tradition

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What is Black Vinegar?

Among the various types of vinegar, black vinegar refers to naturally fermented brown rice vinegar. While distilled vinegar has no color, naturally fermented brown rice vinegar is called “black vinegar,” which is a clean, dark brown color because of its rich amino acids. Unlike ordinary brewed vinegar, the naturally fermented Kakuida black vinegar has a beautiful amber color due to the three years of the ripening period, and the longer the aging, the richer the amino acids.

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Kakuida Premium black vinegar

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Our Customers Say

What I notice is a marked improvement in blood sugar levels.

- Rita D.

This is the real product that people are looking for if you want the health benefits.

- Kyle B.

My blood pressure getting better. Also my skin tone getting better.

- Amazon customer

Delicious and refined. Very tasty.

- Amazon customer

This vinegar is awesome. It really is the perfect health tonic to keep around.

- Michael H.

Very delicate and at the same time aromatic taste. Good for any kind of cooking and in salads.

- Amazon customer
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