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History of Black Vinegar


- Vinegar is mentioned in the Bible: four times each, eight times in total in the Old and the New Testament. In the Bible, vinegar is used in relieving fatigue and quenching thirst. (Ruth 2:14, John 19:30)

- The legendary Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, enjoyed vinegar for her skin and beauty.

- In Vermont, U.S., a beverage combining apple vinegar and honey is passed down as a drink for longevity.

- In Chosun dynasty of old Korea, a medicine book “Donguibogam” states that vinegar removes Ongjong(a kind of abscess), cures dizziness, and detoxifies toxins in foods. Moreover, vinegar was used on insect bites such as that of centipedes and bees, sterilizing the sting and neutralizing the poison.

- Columbus is said to have preserved vegetables in vinegar during his long-term navigations; the reason is that vinegar keeps the vitamins in vegetables intact while salt destroys them.

- Black Vinegar has come to the global spotlight as it turned out to be the 200-year-old traditional secret method of health in Kagoshima area, a longevity town in Japan. Black Vinegar is widely acknowledged as the healthy ingredient in Japan, ranking third in sales in Japanese pharmacies.