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Black Vinegar & Health

Preventing adult diseases and relieving fatigue

Adult disease refers to a group of diseases that is generally found in people over the age of 40; aging slows the metabolism of the bodily functions, thus inducing various kinds of diseases. According to Korea’s health research, the four most dangerous adult diseases are cancer, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The research requires caution as the population suffering from obesity and adult diseases is rapidly increasing.

The first step to preventing adult diseases is to restore the blood and blood vessels which manage the circulation of oxygen and other necessary ingredients. The more the body becomes acidified, the more it becomes susceptible to inflammation, tumors, and cancer; Black Vinegar alkalizes the body, decomposing and neutralizing the acidifying substances, thus strengthening the blood vessels and purifying the thickened blood.

Adrenocortical hormones, which are closely related to preventing adult diseases, are made from acetic and citric acids. Due to this discovery, Konrad Bloch and Feodor Lynen received Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Black Vinegar helps restore the production and secretion of the adrenocortical hormones and activates bodily metabolism, preventing adult diseases and reducing stress.

As our body uses energy, it secretes lactic acid. Usually it is excreted with urine, but with severe fatigue, it is accumulated in the body. Organic acids in vinegar decompose this lactic acid, thus helping relieve the fatigue.

Black Vinegar is good for detoxifying alcohol. Acetic acid bacteria and various organic acids help to detoxify acetaldehyde and assist liver functioning; peptide and amino acids helps detoxify liver.


According to Russian biologist Metchnikoff, aging takes place when the toxins produced by the intestinal bacteria in the decomposing process are absorbed into the body. Beneficial bacteria in fermented foods suppress putrefactive bacteria and detoxify harmful components in the intestines. Moreover, organic acids in Black Vinegar are high in antioxidative activity, thus assisting in anti-aging; organic acids in Black Vinegar help the body’s absorption of calcium and work on the anti-aging process against active oxygen.

Diet and Skin Care

Black Vinegar is a good food to helping accelerate nutrient expenditure in the body, thus prevent obesity.

Black Vinegar contains citric acids and acetic acids, which activates the citric acid cycle, boosting the burning off of fat. Metabolites in Black Vinegar help prevent obesity, discharging waste from the body by stimulating bodily metabolism, while accelerating the breaking down of surplus fat through activating lipolytic enzymes.

Not only does Black Vinegar help lose weight by burning fat, but it also keeps the skin from turning rough or losing elasticity during the course of weight loss.

Black Vinegar helps skin care by stimulating collagen production and preventing the formation of active oxygen. The benefit is produced by rich amino acids that make up collagen such as proline, alanine, and glycine. Amino acids help reduce age spots and improve dull skin tones; it also blocks the permeation of melanin pigments from the sun. Black Vinegar is also rich in essential amino acids which improves skin elasticity removes freckles, and stimulates collagen production, rejuvenating the skin

Also, Black Vinegar is effective in dealing with constipation by helping bowel movements and improving intestinal environment.

By taking Black Vinegar regularly, one can maintain healthy, firm skin.