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Vinegar Story

Black Vinegar is
Among the various kinds of vinegar, Black Vinegar refers to naturally fermented brown rice vinegar with the aging period of over three years.
While distilled vinegar has no color, naturally fermented brown rice, due to its rich amino acids, gives the vinegar its clear, dark brown color hence its name “Black Vinegar”. When amino acids in brown rice combines with sugar, it causes browning, producing the rich color of Black Vinegar. Unlike regular brewed vinegar, naturally fermented Black Vinegar has lovely Amber color, due to three-years-long aging period And the more it matures over time, the richer it grows in amino acids. Black Vinegar is named “the King of Vinegars” because with the nutrients in brown rice remaining intact, it contains exceptional amounts of healthy ingredients such as essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Black Vinegar is truly valuable, preventing adult diseases, slowing aging process, relieving fatigue, constructing healthy diet, rejuvenating skin and so much more.
king of vinegars black vinegar
The main ingredient of Black Vinegar, Rice bran, is full of vitamins, alkalescent, minerals and dietary fibers. It also contains 19 times nutrients than white rice. It is known as the best healthy food because it is composed of active minerals which allow calories to be completely burned with moderate exercise. Black Vinegar, using brown rice as its main ingredient, is a rich repository of amino acids.
king of black vinegar