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Kakuida Black Vinegar

Kakuida is a brewing company that endeavors to make
“Black Vinegar healthier, tastier, and more cooking
friendly.” In Fukuyama-cho, Kagoshima, Black Vinegar
has been produced in successions for more than 200 years,
maintaining its unique tradition even now.
Black Vinegar comes to perfection after the aging period
of 2 years and a half with carefully-selected ingredients
and the traditional method original to
Kakuida Black Vinegar. KaKuida Black Vinegar,
acknowledged of its quality, was awarded with
Kagoshima’s “Homeland Specialty Contest” for the
succeeding two years, 2004 and 2005.

Kakuida Black Vinegar is proud to own
the oldest high-quality vinegar starter through which
the company has improved the quality
and natural fermentation process of Black Vinegar.
Combined with high-quality vinegar starter, clear water,
and traditional earthenware pot, artisan’s spirit of reviving
the tradition of Japan Black Vinegar brews naturally fermented
Black Vinegar aged for more than three years.